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Ninja Squirrel vs Stoners

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I want to go to there.

YOU GUYS. I’m practically hyperventilating over here. I’ve just discovered the existence of a magical place. 

Olney, Illinois is home to a large population of absolutely stunning white squirrels. Not only that but they have an Annual Squirrel Count! I seriously don’t know how I missed this, you guys. It’s not a new thing – this year was the 33rd annual count! How great is that!?

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Rosi the Rescue

Meet Rosi!

“Uuunnnngh you guys, I was takin’ a nap!”

Rosi was rescued after falling out of a tree. In these pictures, she’s about 5-6 weeks old.

“Oh hai guys, what’s up, I’m awake.”


Tiny pink tummy! Check it. I got a little misty when I first gazed at this soft little tummy. Seriously, does it get any cuter than this? No. No, it doesn’t.

Thanks so much to Rori for giving me permission to post her adorable squirrel photos! If you’d like to see more pictures of Rosi, you can start here and scroll left for many, MANY more!


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Hello? Hello? Are you still here?

Hey, remember when I used to post squirrelly goodness almost every Friday? No? I don’t blame you, it’s a pretty distant memory at this point!

Job and life changes temporarily robbed me of my free time but I am working on bringing back the squirrels starting TODAY!

This photograph was given to me by my West Coast BFF. The picture was taken when she was 9 years old and living in Russia. Nearly as rad as the squirrel she’s holding is her super cute shirt. Regarding the shirt, she says, “It does say “I love daddy.” This was in Soviet Russia. I believe I thought it actually said “I’m in a rock band” but I didn’t speak any English.”


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Red alert! Red alert!

I just went to one of my favorite sites,, and what was the very first thing I saw?! A RED SQUIRREL TREASURY! Click the picture to check it out!

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Couple of wankers

It’s been a shamefully long time since has been updated, so I’m bringing it back with a good one: MASTURBATING SQUIRRELS! Well, it’s probably not as rad as you’re thinking. There are no funny videos or anything. Squirrels actually appear to masturbate for a really good reason. It appears it may help them avoid sexually transmitted infections. Check it out!

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I’d rather be doing this today.

Another important video from Mr. Decker:

Look how cozy!

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My friend Bonny keeps telling me that squirrels are evil and are just looking cute while plotting to take over the world. I have long maintained that she is full of the crazy and there is no great squirrel plot to overthrow humanity. She may be on to something though…

A Southern California campground has been shut down after a squirrel captured two weeks ago tested positive for plague.

More here!

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Shirt woot, that is! Thanks to Mr. Decker for pointing out today’s awesome shirt on shirt.woot!

This is today only, so get on it.

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Hello? Is this thing on?!

Hi. Sorry about the absence. Things have been a bit busy these days. I went to Florida to see my brother who’d been in an accident, came home, ended one job, started another…blahblahblah!

Anyway. Since I’ve been gone awhile, I decided to bring things back with a bang. This picture was brought to my attention by my friend Vicki. It made me blush. Seriously.

Do you have any idea how hard it is (lulz “hard”) to resist the urge to make a nut joke?! Oh man. And that face. LOOK AT HIS FACE. Wow.

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